Patrick De Clerck

patrick de clerck did the biggest music festivals and concert series in Belgium (KlaraFestival, European Gala Concerts and Ars Musica). Audiences and budgets steeply grew in ‘difficult’ times. More and more he feels a need for global thinking and projects in music. Patrick curates the New Horizons festival in the Mariinsky theatre.

Most would agree he has a healthy mind, and tries to keep his body fit. He dreams of riding motorcycle again. Lived in France, Italy and Russia.

Katrien Feyaerts

katrien feyaerts - Born in the Flat Flanders Fields in the early 80's, Katrien grew up dancing her way through Germanic Languages Studies and Midwifery in Ghent - passing through Australia and Northern Ireland - to continue with dance and music in Berlin and Brussels, where she lives.

She has been the production- and coördination person for several music festivals and tours.

It is not only the beauty of the music which is her incentive. The visual aspect - or actually the combination of both - can make it each time again a new experience for her. Bringing this to an audience as large and different as possible is pure pleasure. As is eating delicious pasta and fish (if possible 'a la Siciliana'), running at sunrise, cycling as a road hog and observing movements of people.

Dai-linh Nguyen

dai-linh nguyen - Despite her young age, Daï-Linh has already been to many places. During her masters in musicology and cultural management, she studied in Spain and South-Africa. She worked for Ars Musica in Brussels, the Maison des Cultures du Monde in Paris, ReMusica in Pristina and Saarthi in New Delhi, India.

Things that really matter: music, foreign cultures, friends and family, not necessarily in that order.

Her favorite food is smelly non-goat cheese.

Michael Wells

michael wells is a consultant with interests in culture, language, identity and international cooperation in Europe, Africa and countries of the former Soviet Union. Michael lived for many years in Paris and - following interludes in Vilnius and Moscow - moved to Brussels where he worked for the European Union. He currently divides his time between his native London and adopted Normandy.

Melissa Santantonio

Mélissa Santantonio: Escapades ( Co-writer manual, prime matter collector ) 

Mélissa is a bachelor in Modern Languages and Literature, and is finishing a master's degree in Cultural Management. She spent half a year in Moscow at the Lomonosov universtity, learning all about literature, Platonov, Tchevengur and stresscontrol... She is interested in prison issues and is writing a master thesis about  the prisoners' access to artistic and cultural activities. She likes travelling and discovering new cities and foreign cultures. She also likes baking cakes during her free time.