Patrick De Clerck

patrick de clerck did the biggest music festivals and concert series in Belgium (Handelsbeurs, KlaraFestival, European Gala Concerts and Ars Musica). Audiences and budgets steeply grew in ‘difficult’ times. More and more he feels a need for global thinking and projects in music. Patrick curated the New Horizons festival in the Mariinsky theatre, and is happy to be closely connected to the Russian Concert Agency.

Most would agree he has a healthy mind, and tries to keep his body fit. He dreams of riding motorcycle again. Lived in France, Italy and Russia.

The Team / L Equipe / De Ploeg

All functions in the Music Projects For Brussels' team are taken by ESCAPADIANS: (ex)prisoners, people in psychic care. By nature it is fluctuating.

Yet at this moment Anne is doing the bookkeeping and the paperwork like contracts,

Genevieve is responsable for the translating.

Of course an ex convict for security, cash register and audience reception.

Others like Frederique and Ludo do the scenography: making sure the spaces we do concerts in look amazing