What is this ? Music, classical we dare say !

Concerts for all children of the Brussels region in all of its community centres, both Dutch and French-speaking side, without excluding any other language. After a run-in period (see timeline at the bottom of this sheet) will have a frequency of 30 concerts annually.
The concert is of high standard, both in terms of music and musician. Focusing on music / concert experience, less on education. Each concert is followed by a meeting / workshop with/given by the musicians. Children are to be seduced into classical music. Children are preferably accompanied by a parent.

Mobile in many Ways

Children also move into another Brussels municipality to a concert. For example, the children of Molenbeek assist in the organization of a concert in their area and invite children from other municipalities to come which enhances greatly social mobility e.g. between Uccle - St Josse. Throughout this experience children, and even some of the parents, would be able to get an insight into the lives of other societal groups, other nationalities and other cultures. They could not only enjoy and learn music, but they could also learn to accept and cooperate with others. In this aspect Mobile Music Playground could also promote social mobility.

Why not cultural mobility?

Classical music strengthens a community. It humbly incorporates the Better Western values, even when treated playfully. To seduce rather than to oblige. A large part of Brussels' children remain to far away from culture. Mobile Music Playground comes to them and their family.

Playmates !

We all know that Brussels is a city of talents, also in terms of musicians. All the musicians who perform, live in Brussels. In this way they return service to their community. After all, the foundation of their profession is sharing.


First test concerts in the autumn of 2016 (6). Second series of test concerts in spring 2017 (9). Full throttle season 2017-2018.


Musicians perform in concert for a minimum fee, the performance space and eventual school collaboration are free. In other words: Music Projects For Brussels pays for everything except school transport.