music projects for brussels is an NGO producing new formats for Brussels, a city where we love to live. We joyfully share what we do with the rest of the world.

 Mobile Music Playground  - classical music concerts by & for all children of the Brussels Capital Area

escapades is a series of concerts by top chamber players for people who find themselves in surroundings where they would prefer not to be, such as a prison, on the street, in a home for the elderly, in a hospital or an asylum called Bellevue...


We produce concerts and festivals. We strive for each and every concert to be the best possible event, to have the best possible interaction between Audience, Performer and Music.

We are Passionate about Sharing. We wish to do so with the greatest number of people, coming from all possible social and ethnic backgrounds. We are convinced it is a civic necessity. A way even for classical music to become socially relevant again.

We mind the gap between innovation and best practice.

We believe authenticity is a key quality in everything; so it is in Music, too.