Quiron: Chostakovitch Stringquartet nr 8
Strings + concert
Mobile Music Playground (EN)
the full movie explaining how one can get children involved into classical music with little means.
Happy Ness Is In The Air
Handleiding ESCAPADES
Lipkind est de retour (FR)
et il fait un ESCAPADE
Gavriel Lipkind is terug ESCAPADES NL
met ondertiteling zelfs
ESCAPADES: Lipkind is Back
Powerful classical music concerts in places where people have not really chosen to be. Entirely produced and programmed by the residents. That is the ESCAPADES adventure.
Mobile Music Playground
Primary School children produce concerts
audience + music + het collectief on a road to better places
Berckendael Prison Concert
Alexander Ivashkin: cello
COSMOSVZW 11 september 2012
A Collective & Martinu in the Cosmos
a very attentive audience for so called difficult music
Bach Rules ?
Het Collectief in a shelter for homeless people
Male Inmates in Brussels
Are they treated better as the women?
Gavriel Lipkind in St Gilles Prison
Music fought the law and music won
Bieber Hit
Barock music for solo violin in l'équipe, brussels
open door
impressing children with Bayan
Bayan in Space
Could have been Gagarin's dream
Yu-Fen Chang
Piano + concert
Yu-Fen Chang
Piano + concert