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For us, living in and loving Brussels, or you living in and loving your own city, this project would propel our home cities into world view as a vibrant cultural force. The World Wide Music Festival will boost musical activity in all the participating cities, by encouraging local organizers and venues to put on concerts and open rehearsals with local orchestras and artists, running in parallel with the main international event.

We are currently talking to some of the most acclaimed conductors in the world about the development of master classes for business people. Valery Gergiev and Daejin Kim both create the same ‘product’ but in very different ways, both with huge success. The business world can learn from the creative processes.

Tickets for a festival of this calibre are unfortunately rather expensive. However, it is extremely important to us that everyone who wants to experience the festival is able to. One of the means by which we aim to achieve this is by making a few seats a bit more expensive, so that the price of the larger proportion of less expensive seats can be brought down.

One of the key objectives of the World Wide Music Festival is to try to ensure universal access to the music, sharing the beauty of what we produce with the widest possible audience. We are convinced that the quality and authenticity of the festival and the music we present will encourage the wider public to take a step across the imaginary threshold.

In addition, we also plan to have free admission to open rehearsals and will use the power of new technology and social media to publicise and broadcast concerts in a similar manner to the BBC’s coverage of The Proms.

Through the development of a variety of similar activities we aim to offer anyone who is young in mind and with a desire for new discovery the opportunity to become an esteemed member of the audience without breaking the bank.

The €1 million funding will have to be raised both in the private sector where the targets are “global” companies, and public funding bodies such as the European Union. EU funding seems particularly appropriate, given that Brussels is the capital city of the European Union, and, as such, would seem the most appropriate city to host the first edition of the Festival in Europe.

BOZAR Music is the privileged production partner in Brussels.